You Can’t Compete Where You Don’t Compare

We all know there’s more to life than just existing; our wants often surpass our needs which cause an episode or two of withdrawals, I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to just simply and spontaneously pick up and take off to another part of the world?! If only life was designed to be that perfect and stress-free; wishful thinking, right? It’s almost as good as wanting to possess the power of ridding the world of attention seekers and other shameless individuals in an instant, but that means we wouldn’t be able to properly appreciate the good in life. Le sigh. I suppose we’ll just have to continue doing us among the irritating and insecure. Yeah, most of us lead average lives while striving for better but somehow end up being targeted by the miserable and entitled; where they do that at?! Oh, right, that’s eh-vuh-ree where and there’s no avoiding it!

As long as you’re among the living and breathing, there’s unfortunately someone or a cluster of insecure clones who are intimidated by what you do and how you do it and will feel the need to bring you down in some way by competing with you to take what you have, those same ones who chose to settle for mediocrity but will do anything to make their lackluster lives seem nonexistent! And yes, yours truly has definitely had her share of dealing with petty, insecure, jealous, bum females who saw me as competition but ignored the fact that they didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of! I’ve got the perfect example; when I was in middle school, I tried out for the cheerleading squad as a rising seventh grader, and of course I made it after having practiced a year prior. Long story short, one of the cheerleaders on the same squad as me (and the same race as me) was in her feelings because I could flip better than her, do splits better than her, but most of all, I was a humble and studious girl with braces who wore nice clothes, so to counterbalance her insecurities, she took it upon herself to go out of her way to upstage me while I remained unbothered. One can only hope it was worth whatever amount of hype she got from doing that because it’s been almost seventeen years, and I know for a fact she still doesn’t like me, and I also hope she put that same energy to use as a respectable employee at a fast food restaurant because she’s now dealing with worse than what she gave me! Now, don’t any of you be dismayed by that last part because in no way am I one to look down my nose at fast food restaurant employees!

I say that because people stop focusing on themselves and allow their childish bitter feelings to intervene by worrying about trying to outdo the next person to the point they end up falling short. It’s safe to say a lot of people can’t adhere to the title of this entry, especially when they can’t handle others being praised, but whose problem is it? *tongue pop* When you come across people like that, just know you’re doing something right and continue on that pathway of greatness, especially when some of them want what you have but could never take the initiative to get on your level and WORK towards those rewards; yeah, those types who only want things handed to them because they feel indebted based on ignorant reasons! Do know there are people who are going to be better than you in more ways than one which is okay because they’ll NEVER be you! If the insecure can’t catch the vibe, don’t allow them to make you feel bad because their hands aren’t big enough; that’s their problem, not yours! Laugh in their faces and chuck dem deuces!

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